Canada can do better. We need your support.

As we prepare to enter 2017, I wanted to take a moment and tell you how important your membership is to the future of the Conservative Party of Canada.

As you know, the leadership vote is fast approaching. As I write this letter, we have 14 candidates ready and excited to lead the party into the next election against Justin Trudeau and his failing caucus.

I encourage you to become an active part of the leadership contest, and the most important way of doing that is by ensuring your membership is valid. To vote in the leadership race next May, you will need to have an active Conservative membership. That is why it is so important that you keep your membership in good standing going into 2017. This will be the most important decision our party will make over the next few years as we prepare to defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in 2019.

From Trudeau’s cash-for-access scandal, to the Liberal mismanagement of the electoral reform file, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have demonstrated time and again that they are out of touch with everyday Canadians. While Canadians are left with the bill as Trudeau’s deficit continues to grow, his Cabinet Ministers have been caught expensing thousands of dollars on luxury car rentals, glamour photo ops, and lavish trips…all of this in the first year.

Selecting the leader of our party is the next step in defeating the Trudeau Liberals in 2019, when Canadians tell Justin Trudeau that enough is enough! You can be a part of this by having a valid membership that will allow you to vote in the Leadership race this coming May. Remember, your membership must be valid by March 28 to vote for the new leader!

If your membership has recently expired or will be expiring soon, please take a moment to renew your membership – a 1 year membership costs only $15, a 3 year membership costs $35, but the 5 year membership is our best value, at just $50. Memberships can be renewed through the Conservative Party website or by downloading our membership form.

We would also appreciate if you would include OSCA in your end of year contributions. We rely on your support to keep the Association running, and to continuously fight for the taxpayer here in Ottawa South. Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way in maintaining a strong Conservative presence in our community!

Donation Tax Credit (Up to) Actual Cost
$35 $26.25 $8.75
$60 $45 $15
$127 $95.25 $31.75
$350 $262.50 $87.50
$550 $375 $175
$1200 $625 $575
$1525 (max) $650 $875

To Donate, please go to

On behalf of the OSCA board, I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy New Year!

Andrew Robinson
President, OSCA

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