Ottawa South Continues to Need A Full-time Member of Parliament

Ottawa, May 7, 2014 – – – – David McGuinty, the Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa South, was exposed as a part-time MP in 2012. His record for attendance in the House of Commons in 2013 is not any better as he showed up to work even fewer days in 2013 than he did in 2012.

McGuinty complained to the media that his characterization as a part-time MP was unfair because the work he does behind the scenes takes so many hours. In fact, McGuinty said he’d preferred to be paid hourly because of the volume of work he does. Bravo! At an hourly wage, taxpayers would not have to shell out over $2 million in public money for his lucrative salary, office budget, and generous pension.

Of the 111 days where MPs gathered in the House of Commons for votes and Question Periods, McGuinty was there only 62 days! That’s an incredible 44 percent “Missing in Action” record, as he only showed up to work 56 percent of the time.

Where was he all the other days of the year? For an MP who lives and represents a riding no more than 20 minutes from Parliament Hill, his absence is unexplainable and unacceptable.

As was accurately reported last week, McGuinty’s 2012 attendance record wasn’t any better: He only showed up for just 63 days of votes and Question Periods all year long!

This information is publicly available through the Parliament of Canada’s Hansards, and it paints a troubling picture of the part-time Liberal MP. Similar to his boss, Justin Trudeau, McGuinty does not see the need to actually show up to work. In fact, just like McGuinty, Liberal leader Trudeau has one of the worst attendance records, showing up to less than 40 percent of Question Periods and votes in 2013.

Ottawa South did not want a part-time MP. Ottawa South deserves a full-time MP.

The Conservative government remains committed to what matters most to Ottawa South residents: jobs, the economy, and long-term economic prosperity. The government is moving ahead on these priorities, and Ottawa South deserves a full-time representative who will show up to work.


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