The part-time MP with time to write letters to Alberta newspapers

The incumbent Liberal MP for Ottawa South only shows up to work part-time and fails to represent his constituents’ views, but that doesn’t stop him from having the time to write letters to the editor to newspapers across Canada.

See, for example, this letter to editor published in the Ottawa Business Journal.

And see this response from Conservative MP Blake Richards:

Dear Editor,

As a Member of Parliament representing a constituency in Alberta, imagine my surprise when I opened my local weekly newspaper one morning to discover a letter to the editor from Ontario’s David McGuinty.

Considering Mr. McGuinty’s history of vilifying Albertans for political gain in Ontario, I was obviously surprised to see he was even aware of the weekly newspapers in my riding. Of course, later I learned that this was nothing but a form letter sent to media outlets across Canada, with one or two lines customized for each publication, in a poor attempt to fool Canadians.

When I discovered this trickery, I thought to myself, “I wonder if the good people of Mr. McGuinty’s home riding – Ottawa South – are aware of his new hobby?”

The content of Mr. McGuinty’s letter is another matter of concern. It is well known that the McGuintys have a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts. Now it seems, the Member of Parliament for Ottawa South is spinning out of control regarding federal investment in infrastructure. He comes to a faulty conclusion by stating that new investment through the Building Canada Fund is dropping by 90 per cent to $210 million. The obvious problem with this nonsensical argument is that the federal government funds infrastructure in many different ways. The truth is that through the Building Canada Plan and other infrastructure programs, including the Gas Tax Fund, more than $6 billion continues to flow, supporting more than 2,500 ongoing or new infrastructure projects across Canada during 2014 alone.

Concocting a tangled web of half-truths to play divisive partisan politics is nothing new for the McGuintys. In fact, in this type of behavior could be called, “pulling a McGuinty.”

I note with amusement that Mr. McGuinty identified himself in these form letters as the third party’s Critic for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.Mr. McGuinty has not always held this role.

Previously, as the his party’s Natural Resources critic, McGuinty was best known for launching into a bizarre tirade in which he attacked MPs who speak up for constituents employed in Canada’s energy industry, telling them to, “go back to Alberta.”

In response to these outrageous and insulting comments, I personally stood in the House of Commons to call for Mr. McGuinty’s resignation, just hours before he was unceremoniously ousted from his role.

In the future, I suspect that Mr. Trudeau will appreciate it if Mr. McGuinty checks his facts – and his mouth – before blasting his ignorance to media outlets across Canada.


Blake Richards
Member of Parliament

Ottawa South deserves a full-time Member of Parliament who stands up for its residents. Do you agree?

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