Seizing Canada’s Moment

Dear Friend,

Today His Excellency Governor General David Johnston delivered the Throne Speech to mark the opening of the second session of Canada’s 41st Parliament.

We wanted you to be one of the first to know about the important policies our Conservative government will implement in the coming months:

– Balanced budget legislation – the requirement that the federal government balance its books
– Law to enshrine one-for-one red tape reduction for small businesses
– Renewed investments in health care research to tackle dementia and related illnesses
– Ending the automatic early release of dangerous sexual offenders
– Unbundling our television channels and capping wireless roaming charges
– Expanding no-cost basic banking services

But we need your help – here, in Ottawa South.

The Throne Speech had not even been read yet and the NDP and Liberals were affirming their plans to oppose and delay our government’s priorities.

And as usual, not a peep was heard from the Ottawa South Liberal MP.

In fact, did you know that he’s only shown up to work for 39 days in all of 2013?!

That isn’t right.

Ottawa South needs a Member of Parliament who shows up to work. And an MP who works for Ottawa South rather than against it.

Can we count on your support of just $50, $100, or even $200? All donations up to $400 will give you a 75% tax credit towards your 2013 tax returns. Simply complete the form on the opposite side of this letter and return it to us. Or you can contribute instantly online at

Please help us send a message to this part-time Liberal MP.

Do you agree with our government’s Speech from the Throne? Contact us and let us know!

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