Ottawa South Conservatives keep community clean and safe




The Ottawa South Conservatives were out in force this afternoon as part of the City of Ottawa’s Cleaning the Capital Campaign.

OSCA’s volunteers took part in the campaign for the third time since 2012 as they swept the area for garbage, debris, and other unsafe material, and also reported any deficiencies on the city’s property to the City of Ottawa. The non-profit association first adopted the 2.5-kilometre stretch of Alta Vista Drive in the summer of 2012, running from Edge Hill Place to Pleasant Park Road.

“Our volunteers were generous enough to give up their Sunday afternoon to come help keep our community clean,” said the President. “They’ve done a great job working for the Ottawa South community, which is more than I can say about our Liberal MP.”

The President said participating in local events that really make a difference are an excellent way to give back to the community, contributing to making Ottawa South a cleaner, safer, greener community.

“This is a great opportunity to contribute to our community in Ottawa South,” said the President. “Alta Vista Drive is a beautiful, historic roadway here in Ottawa. It is a great area to preserve and keep clean.”

“The federal Conservative government is committed to a greener environment on the national level,” said the President, “and we figured we could do our part locally and adopt a small part of Ottawa South to keep clean.”


OSCA is a non-profit association registered with Elections Canada as a federal electoral district association (EDA) for the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Ottawa South.

In 2012 OSCA adopted a 2.5 kilometre stretch of Alta Vista Drive, from Edge Hill Place to Pleasant Park Drive.

The City of Ottawa holds two “Cleaning the Capital” campaigns each year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Organizations are responsible for cleaning their adopted road or park, which includes trash removal, reporting graffiti and unsafe equipment, planting trees, setting up and painting new furniture, and general maintenance of those areas. For more information on the campaign, visit

For more information, please contact OSCA at (613) 600-5103.

Starting at Alta Vista and Edge Hill Place (September 2012)

Starting at Alta Vista and Edge Hill Place (September 2012)

Finishing at Alta Vista and Pleasant Park Road.

Finishing at Alta Vista and Pleasant Park Road (September 2012)

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