Ottawa South deserves a full-time Member of Parliament

A year-in-review for Canada’s federal government and Ottawa South’s part-time representative

In the last federal election, Canadians sent 308 Members of Parliament to Ottawa. They elected Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s majority Conservative government to lead the way and the Conservative government has done just that by lowering over 150 taxes burdening Canadians and creating over 800,000 net new jobs since July 2009.

But even those MP’s who are not part of the governing party are expected to show up for work and sit in the House of Commons while it is in session. Ottawa residents expect MP’s of all political stripes to work together when possible and vigorously and tirelessly work for them.

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for the incumbent Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty. Even though he lives just 20 minutes away from Parliament Hill, he’s only shown up for 63 days of work in all of 2012! His absenteeism is atrocious and comparable only to that of his former Leader, Michael Ignatieff.

Did Ottawa South elect a part-time Liberal representative? Are taxpayers spending over $2 million in salary, office expenses and a pension to have a Member of Parliament show up when he feels like it, and take the other 302 days off? And even when he does show up, he votes against vital job-creating and tax-reducing policies put forth by the Conservative government.

The Conservative government voted to extend the Small Business Hiring Tax Credit, to allow businesses to hire more employees. The Ottawa South Liberal MP voted against it. The government voted to impose tough-on-crime measures for violent, serious offences and to put an end to the revolving-door criminal justice system. The Ottawa South MP voted against it.

Throughout its mandate, the Conservative government has reduced the GST from 7 to 5 percent and lowered or eliminated over 150 taxes burdening Canadians, with the Liberals and NDP consistently voting against these measures which were designed to help all Canadians.

Ottawa South deserves a Conservative Member of Parliament who will work tirelessly to serve our families, our interests, and our needs. Ottawa South needs someone who will show up to work every day and work for us rather than against us.

Ottawa South needs a Conservative Member of Parliament. How can you help us? Join our party, send us a donation, and attend our fundraiser with The Honourable John Baird, M.P. for Ottawa West-Nepean!

Does Ottawa South deserve a Member of Parliament who shows up more than 17% of the time?

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