PRESS RELEASE: Liberal MP’s divisive language does not represent Ottawa South


November 21, 2012

OTTAWA – The Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa South was certainly not speaking for his constituents when he lashed out yesterday afternoon, attempting to needlessly divide Canadians while purportedly representing Ottawa South.

At a meeting of the Natural Resources Committee yesterday, the Liberal MP despicably said any Canadian who believes in energy sector innovation is a “shill” in the back pocket of that sector.

He then appallingly stated MP’s from Alberta did not belong in Parliament, and suggested they should “go home.”

David McGuinty’s divisive, destructive views do not represent the views of Ottawa South residents. Instead, they represent the views of someone desperately attempting to pit Canadian against Canadian, Alberta versus Ontario, east versus west, just like the Liberals did in the 1980’s.

It was the Liberal Party that created the failed 1980’s National Energy Program. The program pitted Alberta against Ontario, Canadian against Canadian.

It was also the Liberal Party that proposed a $15.4 billion carbon tax in 2008 – a harmful tax which Canadians resoundingly rejected in that election.

The Liberals just don’t learn that Canadians are not interested in the Liberal Party’s divisive and destructive tactics. Ottawa South residents are embarrassed that these comments are coming from someone who supposedly represents them.

Our Conservative government is strongly committed to economic policies which benefit all Canadians, without pitting them against one another.

Our Conservative government is here for all Canadians. It is clear McGuinty wants to bring back the divisive and failed Liberal policies of the 1980’s.

It’s time for Ottawa South to elect a Conservative MP who will actually work for and represent the views of Ottawa South residents.

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