OSCA Canvasses Ottawa South Residents In Massive Door Knocking Blitz

July 14, 2012


Ottawa South Conservatives Conduct
Massive Door Knocking Blitz

The Ottawa South Conservative Association conducted a massive canvassing blitz in the federal electoral district of Ottawa South today, citing the federal government’s positive achievements since being elected a majority government last year.

“Today was an incredibly positive and productive day for Ottawa South residents,” said the OSCA President. “We filled the streets with volunteers, who even on this hot day came out to promote the Conservative government’s achievements in our first year as a majority government.”

Volunteers spent the day going door-to-door, meeting with residents, hearing residents’ questions and comments about the federal government, and handing out information on how the Conservative federal government works for them.

“The response at the door was overwhelmingly positive,” said the President. “Thousands of people were kind enough to spend a few minutes of their Saturday talking to us, discussing their concerns for Canada, and time and time again thanking us for the work Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is doing.”

Canvassers heard praise for several important bills passed since Canadians elected a Conservative majority government last spring: 23 bills have been passed including the Fair and Efficient Criminal Trials Act and the Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Strengthening Canada’s Economy Act.

“The largest concern Ottawa South residents have is overwhelmingly the fragile global economy. And while they are still cautious about the road ahead, they recognize our Conservative government has made Canada a world leader, having created over 700,000 net new jobs since July 2009.”

But a close runner-up for top concern is also the ineffective incumbent Opposition MP who has time and time again voted against the positive measures the Conservative government has brought forward. “It’s unacceptable,” the President said, “that the federal government is working hard for Canadians, but this Opposition MP is blocking important legislation for Canadians.”


For more information please contact the President at (613) 600-5103.

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