2011 Federal Election

Dear Supporters,

After a grueling five week campaign, Canadians overwhelmingly recognized that a strong, stable Conservative majority government is the way for Canada to proceed forward. Canadians recognized the importance of keeping taxes low, creating jobs, and ensuring Canada comes out of the recession on top of almost every other nation.

Although this victory could not be extended to all parts of Canada, there was an incredible outpouring of support throughout Ottawa South. Thousands upon thousands of residents voted for change in Ottawa South.

With a strong Conservative majority government, we now have four years to prepare for our next election. That’s four years of grassroots organization, outreach, membership, advocacy, events, and much more. These next four years will allow us to prepare an even better campaign for the next election, to make sure Ottawa South residents get the change they want to see!

We would like to encourage everyone to get involved in our organization. This is your local grassroots conservative organization. Please consider donating, becoming a member, or even serving on the Board of Directors. We will have plenty of opportunities to get involved, so if you’re interested please be sure to contact us and let us know!


OSCA Board of Directors

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