Elie Salibi Confirmed as Ottawa South Conservative Candidate

Elie Salibi has been confirmed by the Conservative Party and the Ottawa South Board of Directors to be Ottawa South’s Conservative candidate in the next federal election.

Elie was educated in Ottawa, where he earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Ottawa. He has served as Policy Advisor to Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and also spent more than 12 years working in progressively senior roles at Ottawa high technology firms such as Corel, including Director of International Sales. He is also fluent in English, French, and Arabic – Ottawa South’s primary languages.

Elie will be a strong candidate against incumbent Liberal MP David McGuinty, who represents the Liberal plan of reckless spending, job-killing tax hikes, and erratic policy changes that would threaten Canada’s fragile economic recovery.

“The next election will be about values – whether our children will be saddled with an expensive coalition of leftists and separatists, or whether conservative values will prevail,” Salibi said at his confirmation.

Elie ran as the Ottawa South Conservative candidate in the 2008 election. He is truly a community leader, being involved in several community events including neighbourhood watch, serving as Vice President of the parish council at St. Elias Orthodox Church, and in the past served as Director of Political affairs in the Lebanese Information Centre.

More information regarding Elie and his campaign can be found at www.eliesalibi.ca and stay tuned to www.ottawasouth.ca.

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