Elie Salibi’s Official Campaign Kick Off!

Elie Salibi is energized and ready to challenge David McGuinty for his seat in this election. This is your opportunity to meet Mr. Salibi, celebrate the official opening of his campaign headquarters at 1717 Bank St., and to ask him questions.

When: April 10, 2011, 1pm
Where: Campaign Headquarters, 1717 Bank St., Unit 5, Ottawa

This will be a great day to rally around Elie and support him however possible: whether it’s canvassing, doing lit. drops, making a donation, or putting lawn signs up.

Please note that Elie’s office has already been open for several days and will continue to be open. This is simply to officially kick off our campaigning and raise awareness regarding its resources and where the office is located.

You can contact the Campaign Manager at (613) 733-4390 or feel free to drop by the office.

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