Call to Help Elie

Ottawa South Residents,

A wasteful, reckless, and unnecessary election is now upon us. Even though we did not believe this was the time for an election, it is now upon us, and we will make sure we win in Ottawa South!

Elie needs your help to turn Ottawa South Blue!

Lawn Signs
We’re happy to get you a lawn sign to show your support. You can drop by the office at 1717 Bank St., call (613) 733-4390, or fill out the form here and we’ll have you a sign as soon as possible.

If your lawn sign is taken or damaged please contact us so that we can have the sign replaced.

Your donations are essential to keeping the campaign rolling. We are constantly creating and distributing lawn signs and literature pieces, calling our constituents, and coordinating volunteer efforts, all of which cost money.

Please make donations payable to The Elie Salibi Campaign. Donations in excess of $20 need to be by personal cheque or credit card, not in cash. You will receive a tax credit of 75% of your first $400 donated, 50% on the next $350, and one third on any further donations.

Volunteers drive our campaign and are the backbone of getting the word out to constituents. Volunteers are assigned various tasks in the campaign such as canvassing, literature drops, calling supporters, driving constituents to the polls on Election Day, setting up lawn signs, and much more.

Whether you’re able to volunteer for a few hours every day or a few hours a week, your efforts would be greatly appreciated. Please call (613) 733-4390 to inform us of your contact information, availability, and what you’re interesting in doing. You can also fill out our volunteer form at

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