Call for Donations to Help Elie Salibi

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Please donate today to the Ottawa South Conservative Association (OSCA) to support your Conservative candidate, Elie Salibi.

With an election looming, we need to make sure Elie has all the funds necessary to fight David McGuinty. Elie is currently in the process of setting up his campaign office, which requires a substantial amount of money, and this is why we are writing to you today.

Your pre-writ (pre-election) donation to OSCA will be transferred to the Salibi campaign. The maximum donation you can make each calendar year to OSCA is $1100. Receipts for tax credits will be issued for all donations, and are eligible for a 75% credit for the first $400, 50% for $401-$750, and 33% for $750 to $1100.

To donate, go to our Donate Form and left-click on the form. The form should enlarge; print it, fill it out (including signature and mail it to 301-2446 Bank St. Ottawa ON K1V 1A8). Cheques should be made out to the Ottawa South Conservative Association. Or, call 613-733-4390 for a credit donation.

If you can’t make a financial contribution, please fill out our volunteer form as volunteer efforts as just as valuable as financial contributions. Our volunteer sign up form can be found at: We also encourage you to order an Elie Salibi lawn sign by requesting one at 613-733-4390.

With your support, we can put a Conservative MP in Parliament and give Ottawa South a voice IN government.

I thank you for your time and hope you will make a much-needed donation.

– Ottawa South Board of Directors

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